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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

quilty and sanity


a windy morning but now sunny.^yesterday can called a accomplishment. my work style should prolonging it: blog, clog, plog with people sharing common interests. last night in office, i first time tried screenshot warez to demo baby's mom, emakingir, some powerpoint skill, before i left to dorm. when i informed her the file sent to her email box, she said baby was gaming on her notebook so she can't check it right now. i felt so glad to know that baby, who shown reluctance those days in the threatening of hot competition among Chinese youth even in childhood just for a securer advantage in the rat's race of burning&smashing social pot, enjoyed pc games alone, that i buzzed in later than 9pm. but baby was a bit confused by my query which game he played. so it turns clear that his mom likely lied to me in the claim that baby gaming. she always insecure upon her job, a middle school teacher, which is dirty and inferior equality among China education nowadays. she frequently hates anyone attempts to teach, the profession she still making a living with quite some gray incomes, with her barking at corner. i called back later than 10pm to inform her guilty of lying, and baby's, too. i felt an urgency to tell baby his mom is insane, just the same of his mom's mother, the grandma, in family name Ruan 阮. i then envisaged the source of being guilty, the Holy's pure sanity, his love to let people step out of their guilty or dark in just a repent to God, rid of harms of self-destructive and abuse of evil, and the ruined balance in their shabby lives by evil's don't gave up their lingering assault on human soul. i appeal for God's mighty to rid baby son any of sin, praying God to let me do at once over the need. praying that i never had to cram with any anxiousness to correct something, but anytime in Spirit and done in flicker of the thought's invite. i rest in love of God, and slept after 11pm.
in the dawn, i was woke up by pains in stomachs. its the second time. i went to lavatory and shit, then resumed my dream on bed. i dreamed of all my brothers in my hometown. its a strong windy weather when i went to office, God let me shot a movie of the wind. after i settled in office and prepared posting, it turns bright sunny. God, saves me in Joice, in astonish of gift u present me. bring my girl zhou, my 3rd wife and crowned Queen of China, with my 2rd marriage. bring me closer to my 2nd wife, Masheng, my Japanese Crowned Queen, and our first son, my 2nd son, yearning for birth. bring me my most satisfied wife, my Taiwanese bride, to prepared our first son, my 3rd son, in my Royal. that's the brilliant today's meaning. God, u see.

From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010

video of windy in QRRS Dorms:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/10886898 w=418&h=320]
[flickr video=4516406073 w=418 h=320]

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

abirds' meeting on top of trees.喜鹊跃高枝,齐车好出处.

birds' gathering, within QRRS factory area, with an abstract touch.齐车厂院聚喜鹊。

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