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Thursday, December 10, 2009

dreamed of house building by my elder brother(s) in hometown.

told baby his Japanese mother offers him ¥2000 after the monitor told me the bonus from QRRS several days ago, but baby son wasn't attracted by it. got taste of being lonely when roam in the dorms community, where most of its residents, mostly young graduates&now new staff of QRRS, contented. the room i was settled among many empty rooms, to be exact, i was the only resident of second floor, and the ground floor half occupied by the police station. in night, dogs biting upset me. in the morning, got up earlier by dog's bites. brewing talk with the high rank in QRRS, but dial in office failed for absent. the lunch likely my first meal here i borrow. Its a gloomy morning but i admit my beloved's tender attending me&mercy of virtue covered the brilliant sun rays. i sometimes doubting which i favor, solitude or joice of home connected.

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